Friday, June 14, 2013

One year down and many more to go..

Landon is about to finish his first year of school. i know its just j-k But we are so proud of him, for all that he has learned, and accomplished :) from writing his name to counting his numbers he has done such a great improvement. today we attended his end of the year concert, i am so glad we were able to be a part of it and that daddy was home to be able to attend. what a difference from his xmas concert were he cried and refused to sing to any of the songs. :( This time he was so excited that he would start singing before the music played lol. He did great at remembering the songs and the signs that went with each song. i was also glad that auntie jess and auntie nicole were able to be a part of by coming to see him, it warms my heart to know how much these girls love their nephews and niece!! Landon has grown fast i am thankful to have him in our lives, he has warmed my dark days and made my bright days even shinnier :) you are an amazing boy im so proud of you no matter how fast you keep growing in my eyes you will always be my baby boy!!

 love that he has shoes on backwards lol

Saturday, January 12, 2013

three plus one =four

              It has been a Really long time since i have posted any blogs in here, there has just been too much to do on my do do list lately, and that is because on September, 15,2012 we welcomed our newest litle member to our family. Our little greyson decided to make his big entrance two weeks early. Totally not expecting it. He def had good timing as he was born the day after my baby shower, i will post his birth story soon, for now i just want to write about the amazing experience it has been to have you here little man, we are so happy to have another little angel here with us, you were so tiny weighting at 6lbs 6oz you sure have grown and filled up quickly, you have the cutest big smile, and everytime i look into ur eyes all i can see is the pureness and innocence of your heart, its like i can see right through you. i love that every morning you wake up you love telling me stories, you have been so alert for how old you are and have been since you were born. you are soon turning 4 months and it feels like i just had you and every day you turn a month older, time is not stopping. im glad i have been able to enjoy you and cuddle with you, you and your brother make me be a better person and much stronger every day, even when i think i cant go more you both push me harder. you are discovering your hands and love sucking them, you have started to roll on your tummy and love to have people near you. you are alot better than ur brother by taking ur binky and that sure helps me especially when we are in the car. daddy and i are soo happy and feel both so blessed to have you in our family you and landon make our life that much happier.  mommy and daddy love you for ever!!!                                                              

Monday, April 30, 2012


YES!! you read right :) we are expecting our second baby :) we couldnt be happier to have another bundle of joy :) though im not looking forward to the sleepless nights and the joy of breastfeeding i am looking forward to all the other many wonderful things baby brings to you.
we had been planning for some months now to have another one so when we found out we were pregnant again russell and i were more than thrilled. we couldnt wait to tell family. we found out on february 10 my period had been late for the whole month of january and so i finally decided to take a pregnancy test, to my surprise it came out positive :) and russ and i were jumping of joy :) at that moment i though no wonder i had been eating like a piggy :) some knew we were trying others were surprised lol . like landon we found out we were pregnant at the same time and baby is to be due oct 1 2012 VERY close to landons bday as he is sept 24 but his due date was sept 30 lol we found it pretty funny, i just hope they are not shariing birthdays. i know landon is exited to be an older brother and i know he will be a great one. to be honest is a bitt more of a challenge for me to have another baby in the sence that landon has always been my baby my only one, im sure i will be fine those are just some of my random thoughs that come to me once in a while. we still dont know the sex but are def hoping to find out if baby cooperates :). i am four months and feeling great. i was a bit nauseaus at the beginning but i am out of it and feeling great. thank you to all who have congratulate it us. i am having a midwive again and to my good luck i am having my same midwive who deliver landon and so i couldnt be happier with that i heard babys heartbeat already and i was soo exited russ unfortunately wasent able to be with me at that apointment as he was out of town workiing. i tried recording it for him and for my luck couldnt find my media on my phone i looked for it and looked for it and couldnt find it i didnt want jackiewaiting much either so i hope russell can make it for the next time o i can be able to reord it for him if he has to miss it again.
so four months down five to go :) i cant wait but i can at the same time i love being pregnant and enjoy feeling the baby move inside me and eating of course haviing those yummy and random cravings but looking forward to holding this sweet litle piece of heaven .

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just recently some cows appeared in the field that faces our living room window i actually love them ive names a few hahahah sometimes they get very close to the fence and landon and me like to peek through the window and moo with them.. i know crazy mother me hahahaha but landon loves it and makes him smile so im a happy mommy :) i mean u jave to addmit its cool how many ppl living in the city can see cows from their living room windows????? exactly....... not many lol we've also heard howling coyotes at night apparently when they are hunting and catch something they haul very loud but to me they sound more like piggy's :) the sound they make its strange for coyotes neways though i'd share a pic of our cows :)

ps we also have a chicken coup to the side lol hahhahahah


Monday, May 30, 2011


Two weeks ago we took Landon to the vancouver Zoo, this Zoo is amazing its very big and has lots of animals to see. Landon had a great time here, he loved seeing all the animals and going on the rides, we took this bus tour that takes you into see the grizzly bears black bears and the wolfes it was amazing, even though we didnt spot any wolfe's we did see lots of black bears. the weather was perfect so we really enjoyed walking around the park.

landon and daddy having some fun
this snakes were BIG def wouldnt want to see one in the wild. snakes terrrify me :( never want to see one in my life.

this mommy kanga had her litle one in her pouch soo cuteee its kanga and roo lol
of course i love zebras so i couldnt not get a pic
the ostrich russ thinks they are ugly but i kinda like them, i like thier feathers anyways
daddy and landon
one of the black bears
Hippos eating watermelon
peacocks one of my personal favorites, i love their colors and there feathers make amazing earrings :) ive begg russ to buy me one and let me have it in our yard, no luck yet though :(

On a different note, we are moving back to london..................... Yes you read correctly.
we got a opportunity to head back and be closer to fam and friends, i got to tell you though it wasent the most easiest idea, we do love it here we really do everithing is amaziing but after giving it much though and prayer we decided that moving back seems like the best choice for us, we miss fam and our friends back home so we are very exited to come back and see them be able to spend more time with them, landon is exited to see his cousin karson, im really looking forward to have them spend some good quality cousin time together.H e also very much misses his grandpa which im sure will be very glad to have close by. im also exited to come back and join the mommy group we had going when i left and glad to see you all beutifull ladies and your litle ones. it was perfect timing as we were thinking of putting our house for sale and we ended up calling our real state agent and letting her know we were no longer going to list it :) so we get to come back to home sweet home :), im also exited because will have a yard thing that we dont have one here, though we do have lovely parks and the dog park is just a block away :)
like i said we are def going to miss it here, the scenery the people, the few friends we have made the ward and having the temple only mins away oppose as to hrs, but im sure will visit here soon one day. not really looking forward to the loong drive but at least will be on our way. ive been trying to learn standard as thats the car we have but im very nervous i really do hope i learn before we leave so that russ dosent have to do all the driving on his own, so will see. we will be there sooner than you think!!! :)

def will miss this beutifull mountains

good bye BC

and hello home sweet home ... oh how ive mised you :)


A few weeks back we had a temple activity in our ward for all the primary children, As you may or may not know our ward is on temple grounds which is amaziing for several reasons, one its beutiful to dive up to the chapel and see the temple, its also nice to see it on our way out of church and to live so close by it instead of two hours or soo like we did in ontario.

we took to landon to this activity Russ helped directing traffic and he did a great job at that, though i wished he could have come along with us for the things we did, Every kid put a piece of the temple replica they did, that was very neat. They also planted a tree for every stake, they heard stories about how wonderfull and important the temple is, and they got to take their own dogwood tree to plant at home, ( the dogwood tree is the BC floral emblem) we both enjoyed going to every station i loved this ward and all the wonderful activites they have all the time :)

the kids gathering for a group pic.. there were ALOT of kids the temple
im not sure if i mention it before but we have elder Christensen of the quroum of the seventies in our ward :) and this is him talking here.
landon taking a pic by the temple picture
infront of the temple.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Landon and words

So i must say landon has really expanded his vacabulary very much, of course me spending the most time with him can understand everything or well almost everithing. Russell on the other hand is always asking me what is he saying? what does he mean? jajaj so i though i'd share some of his cute words.

mommy or his words= mai
i love you= i wuv you
i mean the kid is getting there lol
At times its even hard to disipline him because he says and does fuuny expressions that get me laughing without any control. i love my little man he is just too adorable :)